Newsletter For Members of The Village Chorale 2-12-2008
Carol Andrews
Vol 1 No 13  February 12, 2008

Punch & Cooky Day ??

punch&cookie Today is the day  we planned to have  our Spring “Punch & Cookie Day”! But it will look a little different from as planned! 
Gloria Kirbens began working several weeks ago to have all the cookies we could want served up today at the close of our rehearsal.  In fact, even though last week’s rehearsal was cancelled she was on the phone lining up cookie donors.  But then Monica Gomez from Mechanical Mann Auto Serv-ices contacted us to say she has another Rebate check for us and wanted to bring treats!  So Monica has brought all the goodies and  the rebate check!  And don’t we love it?    
But be sure to look for Gloria’s contribution to the table -- her special centerpiece! 

Copies of this semester’s Roster will be available next Tuesday.  If you have objection to your tele, address, and/or email being published let Carol Andrews know 462-0165 before next Saturday.  Then when the Rosters are distributed please keep it to yourself.  None of us needs to have our personal information passed around


Rebate Events
Ann Cullinane is our newest addition to the leadership team.  She has accepted responsibility for organizing and advertising the various Rebate Events from which we receive funds for our treasury.  There are several restaurants which will pay us for eating at their restaurant. Chorale members take advantage of the offering, ordering off the menu.  We eat and they pay!  Such a deal!
Watch the sign-in table for flyers describing how and when you can participate in the next Rebate Event

Bravo!  St Olaf Choir!

      There were just three of us to take advantage of the beauty and grandeur of the music of the St. Olaf Choir Concert in San Diego on Saturday afternoon, Feb. 9th.  The choir began their tour at the end of December leaving the frigid temperatures of Minnesota behind. They will return to same frigid weather on Feb. 16th.  Unfortunately the choir will not return for a West Coast tour for another five years.  But look them up on the Web – maybe you can get on a live concert while you are traveling.  Hearing the perfection of tone, pronunciation, interpretation, and musicianship is an education – and well worth the effort!   
Altos Jessie Ellison and Evelyn Ellis and Soprano Carol Andrews were the fortunate concert-goers.


dressAll Chorale members must take responsibility to be properly attired in the required costume on “Chor-ale Picture Day” Tuesday, March 11th. 

The picture used for the spring concert handout will be chosen from photos taken that day.  Candid snapshots used in the handout will be taken at a later time.                                               
To assure that new women all have the required costume by the picture date new member costumes will be ordered February 19th following the Tuesday, February 19th rehearsal. 

If you were not in the Chorale last semester you need to submit a completed “Costume Order” form.     Forms are on the Sign-in table.  For all the rules – men and women - reread the Dress Code for Concert page in your 2007-08  “Handbook for Singers”. 


“Take my advice, I’m not using it!”

“I just got lost in thought.  It was unfamiliar territory.”

“You can’t have everything!  Where would you put it?”

 “My idea of cleaning the house is sweeping the floor with a glance.”

“He who laughs last, thinks slowest.”

“I cleaned my house yesterday.  Sure wish you could have seen it”

“Everyone has a photographic memory.  Some just don’t have film.”

“Your secrets are safe with me -- and all my friends.”


Sun,  3    Happy Birthday!  Jeanette Rice




Mon, 4    Happy Birthday!  Carol Axel




Tues, 5    Today’s Chorale Rehearsal - cancelled




Wed,  6   Happy Birthday!  Wilma Anderson

Wed,  6   Happy Birthday!  Doug Custance




Tues, 12    Today is Chorale Rehearsal   2 – 4 p.m.


Thu,  14 Happy Birthday!  Duck-soon Yu


Mont, 18 Happy Birthday!  Shirley Mitchell


Tues, 19   Today is Chorale Rehearsal   2 – 4 p.m. 





Tues, 26   Board Meeting   12:30 –1:30 p.m. 

Tues, 26   Today is Chorale Rehearsal   2 – 4 p.m. 




Thu, 28   Happy Birthday!  Carol Hammond


Soprano Jeanette Ricehas an unfavorite – kale!  But some favorites are Tiger Woods, Sidney Shelton, and The Olive Garden.  Her favorite saying tells you a lot about her: “Let’s go.”  She was born in Kentucky but liked living in L.A.     



Soprano Carol Axel moved here 2 years ago and is still unpacking.  Has had guitar, dance, voice and tennis instruct-tion; is a widow with 2 children and 1 grandchild.  As a  child did tap dancing, acrobatics, singing, biking, & skating.



Tenor Wilma Anderson was born in Iowa; lived on Long Island; moved to the Village in 1999; for over 50 years as a Minister’s wife used college vocal training to direct many groups and musicals.  Hero: Jesus Christ!  Likes the Padres.



Our Director Doug Custanceas a small child shared his food with his dog; Birthplace is also the most interesting place he has lived – California.; first heard about the Chorale in 1971 when he attended a Chorale Concert.



Alto Duck-soon Yusings in her church choir; has 2 children, 2 grandchildren; is a registered nurse; was born in Seoul, Korea; went out of her way to bring exciting donation of  cookies last  semester; is fully retired. 



Alto Shirley Mitchell – sang with two popular bands for several years after high school; favorite topic is religion; favorite time is Sunset; favorite restaurant; “Lawry’s Prime rib’ she has 4 children, 16 grandchildren, and 12 greats.


Alto Carol Hammond has plans: to learn the Internet and to finish reading “Mayflower.”  She could eat Pizza every day of the week; was born in Brooklyn; took lessons & played violin; spent 1 year in “Festival Singers”; lived 2 yrs in N.J.

  DO  YOU  REMEMBER question


       The history of Village Chorale leadership stretches for nine long pages.  From 1966 with Director Fred Pierce to 2003 when H. Doug Custance took the baton the record shows there were twelve different directors.  Ruth Payne, Forest L. Brigham, Dorothy Eichenlaub, Alvin Brightbill, Edward A Brahams, Robert Carl, William R. Chapman, Barry Silverman, Elizabeth Hale Evans, DeLeon Abell, Ted N. Storm, and Rosalyn W. Anderson all took their turns. 

        But interestingly one man brought music to the Village through musical leadership of the chorale longer than any other.  Most led the Chorale fewer than four years but between the years 1978 to 1991 Robert E. Carl directed the Chorale at least 8 years.  When research is complete we may find that he served another two years.

        We quote the bio tucked away in the Chorale files – dated 1988.  “Graduate of University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Music Education in 1950.  Masters Degree in Choral Conducting from Westminster Choir College in 1957.  Owner of National Music Publishers in Anaheim, CA.  Was choir director at the First Baptist Church in Laguna Hills for five years and will return as interim director there in September.  Conducted the Village Chorale for four and one-half years.  Taught public high school choral music for four years and has taught at Orange Coast College on the voice faculty for three years.  Has also taught privately for about fifteen years.  Sang with the New York Philharmonic in Carnegie Hall.  Studied with Fred Waring.  He is a very nice person and is losing weight.”  (No joke -- that is exactly what it says. )




* * * * * News bits * * * * * * * *


1. Janet Dwyer and her Scholarship Team members Soprano Mike Kennedy and Bass Ed Bailey are beginning to get excited about choosing upcoming Scholarship recipients at the end of this semester.

2. Shelly Ellman and her Nominating Team members Soprano Shirley Wolk and Bass Dick Smith have begun work on having nominations posted and ready for the Chorale for elections on April 15th.

 3.  The Chorale has a reservation for use of the back patio at Clubhouse 2 for our “First Annual Picnic and Awards Day” on Tuesday, May 27th.  Aren’t we daring to give the event a “first annual” moniker?

4. Performance Team Chairman Julie Matonic has reported that we have hired two trumpeters for the Spring Concert; though the Village Square Dance club declined to participate Doug has another group ready to perform; and contacts have been made for veterans’ appearances at the performance and for a hot dog roast fundraiser to follow the concert.

Laguna Woods Globe Article on 2-7-2008



          The Village Chorale has added sixteen voices to the roster for the spring semester.  With five members taking a semester break the returning members and eleven new members bring the membership to 83.   After taking a semester break former President Mary Young has rejoined the chorale.  Also returning are Alto Jessie Ellison, Tenor Shirley Levin, and Sopranos Shelby Silverman and Shirley Wolk, 


          New member Ned Read has joined the bass-baritone section.  New altos are Catherine Aubert, Lupita Jimenez, Patricia Matthew, and Ami Nam.  Adrianne Cross Albino, Ruth Clark, Virginia Fay, Joyce Fredrickson, and Grace Verte have joined the sopranos. 


          With director H. Douglas Custance and with accompanist Juanita Tsu the 75-voice chorale meets Tuesdays from 2 to 4 in the Clubhouse 3 rehearsal room.  There are still a few openings for returning or experienced new members.  Call 949/770-9669 to find how to register for this Emeritus Institute Class titled MUS 290X.