Newsletter For Members of The Village Chorale 9-4-2007
Carol Andrews
Vol 1 No 6  September 4, 2007

Punch & Cooky Day – An Annual Event

Gloria Kirbens will supply the punch!
We all will supply the home made cookies!


 Remember that favorite cookie recipe that everybody raves about? Bake a batch, arrange them on a paper plate, and bring them to Rehearsal
 Tues, Sept 18th .
Gloria will have a table set for the cookies! Our mouths will water over the selection! And at 3:45 we’ll enjoy them . . . and each other!
Art by Gloria Kirbens

Registered Members on 8/21/07 = 63

Registered Members on 8/28/07 = 75

Registered Members on 5/21/07 = 85

Registered Members on 5/21/71 = 117
(1971 was the year of the opening of Clubhouse 3) 

Hear Ye
  Hear Ye! 
  Hear Ye!

1. Use of a black ring binder is required for our performances. It is suggested that you keep your music in the binder instead of the envelope you were given when you Regis- tered. When you take your seat each week be sure you have the day’s “Lesson Plan” and any other handouts from our Director. By arranging your music ahead of time according to the “Lesson Plan” rehearsals will move more smoothly for everybody.

2. We have already found our BIOs to be invaluable to knowing who is who. It was thru use of BIOs that we were able to identify all the door prize winners. Most of the “Reminders” column info came from your BIOs. We confirm our “Roster” through your BIOs. But we think 28 of you have yet to turn them in!

3. It is essential that you sign the attendance Roster each week! We are dependent on the Emer-itus Institute receiving State funds based on these attendance sheets. Look for the “Roster” on the table as you enter the room.

4. We are still looking for a person to head up the Wed, November 7th “ANNUAL POTLUCK / Karaoke” Event. If you’ve done this kind of thing for your church or club, talk to Carol Andrews 462-0165.

5. Each week there are “Part” rehearsals from 1 to 2 p.m. Listen for the Director’s announcement so you don’t miss your important focused rehearsals.

It’s a pretty good joke!

Nobody laughed at Carol’s joke on Tuesday! Probably the way she told it! But in case you missed it. . . here it is!

A fifteen-year old boy came home driving a really good looking car and his parents yelled “Where did you get that car?” “I bought it today!” was the reply.

With what money? his parents demanded. “Well, it only cost me fifteen dollars.” So the parents yelled even louder, “Who would sell a car like that for fifteen dollars?”

“It was the lady up the street,” said the boy.

So the parents rushed up the street to find out what kind of person would sell a car for $15!

“Well,” she said, “I thought my husband was on a business trip but I learned that he had run off with his secretary. Then this morning he called and told me to sell the car and send him the cash! So I did!

Reminders for September
Sun, 2nd Happy Anniversary to Natalie & Jack Dean
              Soprano Natalie says about TV: “ho-hum!”
              Me time: to read; to Cruise; to perform with  
              the Harmonaires; to adore her Grandsons.

Tues, 4th Chorale Rehearsal 2 – 4 p.m. CH3

Mon, 10th Happy Birthday to Grace Hudson!
             Soprano Grace is new to Chorale. Trained in
             piano, organ, and saxophone. Is widowed; has
             2 children, 2 grandchildren; likes to golf.

Tues, 11th Chorale Rehearsal  2 – 4 p.m. CH3

Tues, 18th Chorale Rehearsal  2 – 4 p.m. CH3
        BIG DAY TODAY! 
        PUNCH & COOKY DAY!

Sun, 23rd  Happy Birthday to Robert P. (Bob)
Bass Bob Pettengill was a college 
           Prof, Lived in Minn. & St. Louis, Is famous
          among grand-children for “money” & “candy”! 
    Hero: Jefferson. Likes: PBS, USC/Angels, mornings

Tues, 25th Chorale Board Meets  12:30 – 1:30 p.m.
                Chorale Rehearsal  2 – 4 p.m. CH3

Wed, 26th Support the Chorale! 
              EAT @ RUBY’S DAY!

Sun, 30th  Happy Birthday to Del Matonic!
             Bass Del Matonic yells: “Rah! for the Steelers"
             & “Notre Dame”! He has sung in school & 
             church choirs for 30 years. He & Julie have 3
             sons, 1 daughter, 6 grandchildren! 


      A good way for the Chorale to increase its treasury is to receive rebates from community businesses.

Pick up your handout for

“Eat @ Ruby’s Day”

Wed, Sept 26th

Present handout with payment for your meals


Old Chinese Proverbs:
Man who run in front of car get tired. 
Man who run behind car get exhausted.

A Word About the Corralin’ Newsletters 
The truth is there are two “Corralin’ the Chorale” newsletters. A monthly issue goes to clubhouses for distribution through the news racks (on these issues the month and year of issue is disclosed but no day is shown). Distribution of these issues among residents helps promote and advertise our concerts! The goal -- more tickets sold more quickly!
The Newsletters distributed to Chorale members (such as this one dated Sept 4th, 2007) have items which are not important for the general public to know but urgent info for members!
Be sure to read! 

Do You Remember?

How many Directors of the “Laguna Woods Chorale” (historical name changed) and the “Village Chorale of Laguna Woods” ? And who were they?
Here’s the list:
1. Fred Pierce : June, 1966 ~ Spring 1969
2. Ruth Payne : Winter 1969 ~ Spring 1971
3. Forest L. Brigham : Winter 71 ~ Spring 72 
4. Dorothy Eichenlaub : Winter 72 ~ Winter 73
5. Alvin Brightbill : Spring 74
6. Edward A. Brahams : Winter 74 ~ Spring 76
Alvin Brightbill : Winter 76 ~ Spring 78
7. Robert Carl : Winter 77 ~ Spring 82
? ? ? : Winter 82 ~ Spring 83
8. William R. Chapman : Winter 83 ~ Spring 86
? ? ? : Winter 86 ~ Winter 87
Robert Carl : Spring 88 ~ Spring 91
9. Barry Silverman : Winter 91 ~ Spring 95
10. Elizabeth Hale Evans : Winter 95 ~ Spring 97
11. DeLeon Abell : Winter 97 ~ Spring 99
12. Ted N. Storm : Winter 99 ~ Spring 01
? ? ? : Winter 01
13. Rosalyn W. Anderson : Spring 02 ~Spring 03
14. H. Douglas Custance : Winter 03 to current

And how many Accompanists were there? Who were they?

Here’s the list:
1. Mary Hall : June, 1966 ~ Spring 1979
2. Lois Lux : Winter, 1979 ~ Spring 1990
3. Kathryn Olson : Winter 1990
Lois Lux : Spring 1991
4. Bobbette Cameron : Winter 91 ~ Winter 95
5. James Lodin : Spring 1996 ~ Spring 1997 
6. Freda Smith : Winter 1997 ~ Spring 2000
7. Janaan McMurrey : Winter 2000 ~ Spring 02
8. Juanita Tsu : Winter 02 to current