Newsletter For Members of The Village Chorale 7-2007
Carol Andrews
Vol 1 No 2  July, 2007

The Village Chorale of Laguna Woods 
Our Story

      Now in our fortieth year and with close to one hundred voices, the Village Chorale claims the distinction of being the premier vocal organization in The Village! There were small groups of Laguna Woods  Village vocalists who gathered informally as early as 1965 but by 1967 the singers became a fully formed organization under the name “Laguna Woods Village Chorale.” We have found our permanent home in Clubhouse 3 ever since it opened its doors in 1971. Through the years our membership has varied from less than 50 to over 90 voices. In May of 1992 there were 100 singers on stage to celebrate Laguna Woods' 25th Anniversary.

      Formally, we are a class, taught weekly on Tuesday afternoons by H. Douglas Custance of the Saddleback College Emeritus Program. Informally, we are a club, with a board and a full yearly schedule of activities. Club members are all Laguna Woods residents but we welcome Guests from the surrounding area who want to experience the best of four (or even eight) part choral singing while developing ensemble sounds through correct singing and correct vocal production.

      With the careful artistry of Juanita Tsu assisting at the keyboard the climax of each semester’s work is our ticketed concert – on stage in the Clubhouse 3 Auditorium. Our concerts include choral literature of varying demands, styles, and periods. Our audiences have an appetite for the sparkle, the blend, and the sweep of sights and sounds by which they become enveloped. 


p_2A      Mr. Custance (better known as Doug) is well known in the world of music, having appeared throughout the United States and Europe both as a soloist and as a conductor. He is a past Director of the Southern California Mormon Choir and has been a guest Conductor of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
of Salt Lake City for radio and television broadcasts. He has been a member of the faculty of Saddleback College for the past 20 years and director of the Chorale for four years.

Accompanist Juanita Tsu is a graduate of the p_2BPeabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, MD and New England Conservatory in Boston, Massuchetts. She was on the Music
faculty at the University of Massa-chusetts, Lowell, for 23 years. She is the Choir Director at the Reform Temple and is a most accomplished piano soloist and accompanist.


      It should be fairly easy for Chorale members to picture the scene! Its May, 20, 2003. It is the first Board Meeting following the appointment of the new Director of the Laguna Woods Village Chorale. The meeting is called to order at 2:05 p.m. by President Milt Sperling. Immediately, Milt turns the meeting over to the new Director—Doug Custance! In Doug’s typical exuberant enthusiasm he has been making plans! Summer planning schedules are passed to each Board Member. In the next weeks there will be a Music Advisory Committee Meeting, a Fund Raising Brain Storming Session (at Doug’s house), a regular Board Meeting, a Chorale Handbook Committee Meeting, and an Opening Social (also at Doug’s house).

Can anyone be surprised that the number of Chorale members on stage for the May 15, 2003 Concert jumped from 50 to 73 on stage for the December 11, 2003 Concert – “A World of Good Wishes”? And that followed the Board discussion in April, 2003 as to whether the next semester’s Holiday Concert should be cancelled.

Doug is unstoppable! In his typical exuberant enthu-siasm Doug is still making plans for the Chorale and with a solid Board behind him 2007-2008 should be one of the best years ever! 

Village Chorale

Weekly Classes Begin
2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Come early for
“Member Reception Day”
1:30 to 2:00 p.m.

      Registrations on line, by mail, or in Clubhouse 4 Emeritus Institute office are now being accepted for the Saddleback College “Choral Ensemble Class” which meets every Tuesday, August 21st thru December 11th. This fall H. Douglas Custance begins his fifth year as Class instructor/Chorale Director. Chorale Members who are Laguna Woods residents eagerly welcome guests from the surrounding area to join in the musical experience. High point of the fall schedule is always the ticketed Holiday concert – on stage in the Club-house 3 Auditorium. This year’s concert will be on on Saturday, December 15th. 

      There are no fees for Emeritus Institute classes but because the Chorale has considerable monthly expense and purchases all it’s own music a $15 fee per student is received. 

      Chorale members are especially appreciative that the Emeritus Institute has established and continues a program of classes held in the Village as an educational opportunity for the pursuit and enhancement of lifelong learning, primarily for the older adult. Sandra Marzilli, Director, is available at (949) 770-9669 for further questions regarding enrollments. 


      This year’s officers, elected at the Club’s annual meeting in May are Carol Andrews, President; Marlyn Chan, Vice President; Vicki Fuggi, Secretary, and Maribeth Clausen, Treasurer. The officers are the core of the 12 member Board which has responsibility for keeping all aspects of the club on budget and on track. Retiring President Mary Young serves as ex-officio member of the Board.

      Club Social Events and camaraderie as well as Fund Raising Events are handled by members of the Membership Team. The Performance Team is responsible for auditions, props, costumes, ticket sales, programs, reception, and other details related to the Winter Concert. Other important duties are handled by the Library, Nominating, Publicity, and Scholarship Teams,

      The July Board meeting takes a different format from the year round schedule of monthly hour-long Board Meetings held in the Clubhouse 3 Conference Room. On July 24th all team members will join Board Members in Dining Room 2 for a two hour meeting of Orientation and Planning. 

The Chorale EVENT LIST Fall/Winter 2007

MEMBER RECEPTION DAY .............……… Tue, 8/21/07

LEADERSHIP DAY / Door Prizes ............ Tue, 8/28/07

PUNCH & COOKY DAY .................………… Tue, 9/18/07

SHOP OUR SUPPORTERS DAY …………...... Wed 10/7/07

TICKET SALES BEGIN .............……………… Tue, 10/16/07

ANNUAL POTLUCK     .................…………………………… Wed. 11/7/07

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
.. Sat, 11/17/07

WINTER CONCERT   ...............……………................ Sat, 12/15/07