Newsletter For Members of The Village Chorale 12-4-2007
Carol Andrews
Vol 1 No 11  December 4, 2007

Hear Ye
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
1.     IT’S FINAL
Final is an interesting word! If you are doing a crossword puzzle you might be looking for “last, latter, dernier, extreme,
out-most, decisive, definite, eventual, farewell, ulti-mate, uttermost, concluding, conclusive, definitive, terminating, or determinating.”   FINAL things to take note of:         Last Tuesday was the FINAL Board Meeting for the year. (Next Board Meeting Jan 8th).         This Tuesday/Today is the FINAL day you can purchase tickets to sell to your neighbors and friends for the year. (They can purchase tickets at the Box Office now).         Next Tuesday will be the FINAL rehearsal in CH3 rehearsal room for the year. (Dress Rehearsal is Friday, Dec 14 on stage 1:30 – 3:30)      
2.        REGISTER Even as we are noting the FINAL events of the semester we must not forget to be ready to BEGIN anew! Our next semester begins January 15th.  Register now!  Easily done by dialing 949/582-7579.     
3.        DEAR SANTA. . .  
        In May 2008 we will have our first Annual Picnic – at the Village Nature Walk. We’ll haul in pre-ordered lunches, set up our chairs for an old fashioned (sort of) picnic. “Guest” Margie Sutton will be Chairman of the event and “Guests” Pat and Karen Cardinale will be on her team making the arrange-ments and planning the program of the day.    
        There are two reasons we are announcing it now. (1) So that if you don’t have a light-weight-folding-  chair-carryable-over-the-shoulder you may want to include one on your letter to Santa. (2) And then this reminder that you will need to be on your best behavior (at least Christmas) so you don’t get coal instead of your requested chair.  

4.        PICTURES – Group Pix and Candids
        A great big thanks goes to John Stevens for his great work behind the camera. We wanted EVERYONE to be in our group picture and MORE of us to be in our candids but because of the printer’s deadline several people were out of town on Pix Day. It was hard to choose which picture to use. . . the picture that has the better detail was chosen though the vertical/horizontal ratio is a bit skewed. We’ll do better next time!                                                    
        Also, because there were so many things going on the day the pictures were taken we failed to make clear there were to be a couple more shots AFTERthe rehearsal on the 20th. Sorry we had to go to print with fewer faces that we had hoped. Again . . . we’ll do better next time!
5.        WE are the DRESSED-FOR-SUCCESS CHORALE  Just to make sure we all know what that entails be sure to reread the “Dress Code for Concert” page outlined in your “Handbook for Singers 2007-2008” which you were given when you regis-tered the first day of class. This is also the Dress Code for having our picture taken. If you have not received or if you have not paid for your blouse be sure to see Julie Matonic! Checks should be for $34.61 payable to the Village Chorale.
6.        ADVERTISING STATS We have 15 advertisers for our concert program! There are 4 ads at $75; 6 ads at $100; 2 ads at $200; 2 ads at $300; and 1 ad at $400 – total $2,300. With total expenses at $1,600 we had a good profit plus a pretty good looking program. Several of you attempted sales and we thank you for that! Lenny went to at least 4 businesses and probably landed a $400 ad not for this program but for next spring. Also, Margie and Del did some selling and others who didn’t report back. Every attempt builds a base for the future – whether (1) an ad purchased in a future publication; (2) a different sort of donation (ie. for door prizes); (3) as  establishing new friendships and ticket purchasers; or (4) as a learning experience.  
7.        THANKS FOR “CLUB 840” With just 11 days to CONCERT Day, 515 tickets have been sold. That is more member tickets than have been member purchases in any of the last four concerts and with
today’s purchases still to go!  Hear Ye 

Spg’07 : 422; Wntr’06 : 469; 

Spg’06 : 474; Wntr’05 : 501! 
Sales of 515 plus 40 tickets
to be given as comps plus about
125 tickets to be sold at the
box office brings us to a total
of 680 tickets!   Are we going
to purchase 160 tickets today? Probably not! But we have pushed hard and we can be proud of our efforts! Good job guys! 
8.        EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT All expense reports need to be turned in to Treasurer Maribeth Clausen by December 15th. (1) Tape your receipt(s) or copies to a blank piece of paper; (2) record what the expense was paid out for; (3) record the total amount you expect to receive; and (4) sign your name.   
Bass Patrick CardinalePat is a former Airline Pilot likes to play, talk, and read Golf!. . . claims John Wayne as a hero and Cromwell as favorite author. . a Chorale Guest 3 years.
9.    FALL SHOPPING/LUNCH TRIP? Well maybe Mid-Winter instead? Ladies, there just were not enough pre-concert days to happen in 2007! But we’ll get it yet…and men, let your spouses come too. . . . and maybe even some of our supporters will join us. How does this sound? Lunch at Lulu’s (one of our advertisers) after a couple hours of shopping!  Let Carol know when you want the trip to happen! 
10.       CONCERT PUBLICITY Watch for Doug Custance and Vice President Marlyn Chan to appear on Rob Merritt’s NEWS PROGRAM from live from 8:30 to 9:00 a.m. and then for reruns during the day – not yet sure which day that will be. 
  Ken Min has arranged for the MESSAGE BOARD to carry announcements from now until the concert.   Ken is also working on getting a sign posted at the Box Office. And of course, look often at our website at which Ken keeps all updated and timely!
Reminders for December 

Tue 4   Chorale Rehearsal   2 – 4 p.m. CH3
Wed 5   Box Office Ticket Sales Begin.    
Thu   6  Happy Anniversary! 
          Patrick & Karen Cardinale
Tue 11   Chorale Rehearsal   2 – 4 p.m. CH3
          AWARDS DAY – Ticket Sales Contest
Fri 14     Dress Rehearsal   1:30-3:30 p.m. CH3
              Happy Birthday! Shirley Behar

Happy Anniversary! 
          Rosie/Roger Hackney
Sat 15   Chorale Rehearsal   2 – 4 p.m. CH3
Sat 22    Happy Birthday! Peggie Zuber
Mon 24   Happy Birthday! Ken Min
Sat, 29   Happy Birthday! Natalie Dean
Sun 30   Happy Birthday! Joyce Hale
           Happy Birthday! Carol Smith
Karen CardinaleMother Theresa is her hero. . .   favorites are: Night time, the now decade, HGTV, and ocean vistas. She & Pat have 5 children & 6 grandchildren.  
Soprano Shirley BeharSang in Bel Canto Chorale Society for 18 years. As a pianist & retired piano teacher has a Schoolcroft College Assoc Degree in Piano Teaching.
Soprano Rosie Hackneyborn in the Philippines, is also a member of Melody Makers and Kool Kats. Rosie and Roger have 2 children & is a busy grandmother of 5.                       
Tenor Peggie Zubera former teacher, is a good organizer. Her favorite word is “Eternity” & likes to talk about Jesus and Bible. Has 2 children and 1 grandchild. 
Tenor Ken Minwas born in Seoul, Korea. . . enjoys flower gardening. .  lived in Cleveland, Ohio . .Favorite vista: the Tetons. . Hopes to grow old happy, thankful, and healthy!
Soprano Natalie Deanhas been a soloist for 35 years. . Chicago is “her kind of town,” Husband, son, and grandsons are her heroes!  Conversation? Theatre, music, & grandkids.
Alto Joyce Halemost interesting place she lived - Horace Heidt Estates. Keeps busy w/piano; volunteering; singing; ceramics; painting; reading; “rooting” for grandkids!
Soprano Carol Smithhas had many years of training & singing – privately and in schools. Birthplace-Salt Lake City.  Hero- Renee Fleming; Conversation Topic-Philosophy.