Newsletter For Members of The Village Chorale 11-13-2007
Carol Andrews

chorale newsletter 11-13-2007 
                                                                                                                                         Vol 1  No 5  November 13, 2007


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

1. SAY CHEESE                 
It’s been two years since our last Chorale group picture. Have we changed? You bet!
We are looking younger every day – don’t you think? Besides, there are twelve new faces among us! So Tuesday, November 20th wear your concert costume and be on the front steps of Clubhouse 3 ready to smile pretty at 1:45 p.m.
Ladies neckscarves will be handed out that day and must be handed back as soon as the picture taking is over.

Is Sarah Raifaisen the only one who noticed? . . . You can stand behind Sarah at the head of the class if you noticed the discrepancy between times printed on the concert tickets and on the flyers. THE FLYERS WON! Please be sure to change any tickets you are holding and/or have distributed to read 7:30 p.m. instead of 7:00 p.m.! Sorry about that!

3. WE ARE THE DRESSED FOR SUCCESS CHORALE Just to make sure we all know what that entails be sure to reread the “Dress Code for Concert” page outlined in your “Handbook for Singers 2007-2008” which you were given when you registered the first day of class. This is also the Dress Code for having our picture taken. Linda Ewoldt has affirmed that the new blouses will arrive in time for the group picture . Men, talk to Doug if you are having trouble getting outfitted!

4. THANKS FOR KEEPING UP WITH THE “CLUB 840” GOALS We are basically one month away from performance! And tickets purchased are now at 283! With 4 Tuesdays to go and 120 tickets purchased per week we will make that unbelievable goal! Do your friends a favor. . . sell them tickets! They’ll be glad you did!

Now, just a month from the end of the school semester we are confident that we finally have an accurate Roster. There have been a zillion changes trying to get Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Email addresses, Parts, Folder #s, and Starting dates all into one happy list. 

We are in a quandary though whether to publish the Roster to our Chorale Members/Guests. Because of all “those rules” (is it Truth in Lending) the Emeritus Institute does not want class members to even know addresses or tele’s. But since we are also a club we need to have that info to turn in to the Village Rec Department. . . hence the BIOS that you completed. 

Now! Some members would like to be able to contact Chorale friends from time to time. Your name will be published in the Chorale Concert Program. But if you DO NOT want to have your address, tele, and all that other info (see the beginning of this article) published please write “DO NOT PUBLISH” next to your name on the next attendance sheet. Our Co-EI Institute Liaisons Marilyn Freeman and Rita Berlin will forward your request to the Officers.

While we were all participating in a very fun evening with the Village’s own “Frankie J‘s Karaoke Madness” Shirley was in the kitchen making sure everything was getting cleaned up and ready to be carried out or put away! The team of helpers was also great – some who helped pre-party, some throughout the event, some who helped at the end, and some who helped all of the above! It was an amazing meal - Every dish was wonderful!
And the entertainment was awesome – Marlyn and Karen Cardinale had spent mucho time trying to figure out how to do a Karaoke Program. Then Frankie and Judy took over - like the best of Holly-wood ! And the bonus? A great group of performers – from right here in River City! 
Reminders for October 

Sat, 3      Happy Birthday! Shelly Ellman         
Tues, 6    Today is Chorale Rehearsal 2 – 4 p.m.
                 @ Lutheran Church of the Cross

Wed 7  ANNUAL POTLUCK! CH3 Dinner  @5:30pm   
               Frankie J’s Karaoke 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Fri, 9      Happy Birthday! Adam Scoccia

Tue, 13    SOLOIST AUDITIONS Appts 1:00-2:00
                 Today is Chorale Rehearsal 2 – 4 p.m. CH3
Fri, 16     Happy Birthday! Karen Cardinale

Tue, 20   CHORALE PICTURE TAKEN 1:30–2:00 pm
                 Today is Chorale Rehearsal 2 – 4 p.m. CH3

                Happy Birthday! Margie Sutton

Sat, 24    Happy Anniversary!
             Lenny & John Habnecht
             Bill & Libby St. John

Tues, 27 Chorale Board Meets today 12:30–1:30 pm
               Today is Chorale Rehearsal 2 – 4 p.m. CH3

Wed. 28     Happy Anniversary! 
               Del & Julie Matonic

Fri, 30  Happy Anniversary!  Dick & Carol Smith

Soprano Shelly Ellman - since joining Chorale in 2000 has served in several Board positions. She performs on stage at every opportunity - in various plays, choirs, and dancing.

Bass Adam Scoccia- new this semester…sings with several Barbershop Choruses and does Drum and Bugle Corp. He designed a game (patented) & likes to read & do computers.

Soprano Karen Cardinale - joined the Chorale in 2004. A former Flight attendant she does oil painting, quilting, helps people and wants to write a book(s) and keep learning.

Alto Margie Sutton – joined in 2006 with 20 yrs experience (gospel, church, contemporary). Has 3 children. Likes organizing parties & get-togethers..Loved Pike’s Peak!

Alto Lenny Habnecht – since Spring’94…is former Chorale President…enjoys gardening, reading, golf, Bridge…has 6 yrs vocal training,..sang 25 yrs choirs & Sweet Adelines

Bass Bill St. John – Bill & Libby have 4 children/6 grand-children…started singing age 8 in churches & clubs…plays piano…loved the Vatican…is former Superior Ct Clerk.

Del & Julie Matonic – from Pittsburgh…have 4 children/6 grandkids…Julie is into watercolor, reading, cooking…Del watches football & likes choirs …both are Board Members.

Dick & Carol Smith – Dick & Carol have 6 children/14 grandchildren…Both: born in Salt Lake City. Both: joined in Spring ’98…Dick likes to read, golf…Carol enjoys all of life! 

 New members

The greatest Village Chorale news is that we have 12 people singing in the upcoming concert who are brand new to the Chorale! There are eleven new members and one new guest (you’ll remember that because of Village rules anyone who lives outside the village must be recognized as a guest).

The new members are Sopranos Grace Hudson, Mary Middleton, and Barbara Scheifele. New altos are Caroline Johnson, Joyce Nanchy. Vi Redding, and Duckson Yu. Peggy Zuber and Phil Enns are the new tenors. And Guest Al Gross has joined the Bass section along with Joel Breding and Adam Scoccia. We are very thankful for these 12 people who have added new strength and status to our organization!
Just a fun statistic…there were 24 new people who registered throughout the last months and twelve of them are still with us! Hooray for these 12! 

Do You
Remember ? 


We are proud to announce that Bill St. John, who claims Chorale membership since 1992 and is a former Chorale President (Winter’98-Spring ’00), now serves as our Historian. The Chorale has a huge history in Laguna Woods and there is still a small part of our membership who have been part of that history . . . they know “how it’s done . . . and who did it!” These venerated people – (you notice “old” is not in our vocabulary) are Soprano Maribeth Clausen (a former Chorale President) who joined in 1988; Tenor Marilyn Berman – since 1989; Soprano Gloria Kirbens who was registered in 1990; Bill St. John – since 1992; and Phyllis Trilling – since 1993. Marge Chamblin, Shirley Levin, and Doris Margolis, all of whom are on a one-semester hiatus also joined in 1993.
Visit the Historical Society to peruse notebooks full of interesting programs and documents from our 40 years History. Bill is constantly updating this year’s notebook and President Carol A. has ’96-’04 notebooks which will soon be turned over for storage.
Phyllis Trilling has recently contributed some very important documents and pictures relating to her position as Scholarship Chair.

There are surely more to come – we hope! From many sources.