Newsletter For Members of The Village Chorale 10-2-2007
Carol Andrews
Vol 1 No 8  October 2, 2007

Concert Date          Member SalesOffice SalesTotal Sales Total Received
May 10, ’07422  73495 $3,013
Dec 16, ’06469103572 $3,432
May 11, 06474129603 $3,015
Dec 17, 05501142643 $3,215

           You decide . . . Can we do better?
How many Tuesdays can members purchase tickets? . . . .  . 7
How many Chorale members are there? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .78
How many seats are there in the auditorium . . . . . . . . .    834
Tickets sold if all members purchase 1 tckt per wk . . . . .  . 546 

        You decide . . . Can we do better?

Make a list, check it twice,
Think o’ the people naughty and nice.
Plan your game – them to compel.
They’ll need tickets, you can sell!

Choose one or all of these plans to reach your sales goal:

1 Step Plan: Purchase tickets for gift giving.
2 Step Plan: Purchase tickets. Resell to friends,   
    family, neighbors, and community acquaintances.
3 Step Plan: Collect $. Purchase tickets. 
    Deliver tickets. 
4 Step Plan: Take orders. Purchase Tickets. 
    Collect $. Deliver Tickets.

Prizes will be awarded for:

Highest # tickets purchased on Oct. 23rd -- $20
First person to purchase 50 tickets -- $25
Every purchaser of 20 tickets or more will have name in drawing -- To winner: a $25 Stater Bros Gift Certificate

Past years: Top prizes were for purchasing ttl 59, 45 & 36.

        Oct 23rd
Begin Ticket Sales

      The connection between the Village Chorale and Orange County Artist Steve Bjorkman is alive and well. Mr Bjorkman’s unusual ability to transfer body language to canvas in warm, whimsical strokes of ink and watercolor is a talent the Chorale has benefited from previously in his supply of cover art for Chorale programs. This year, with the program title “Together for the Holidays,” members of the December 15th concert audience will be delighted to add a third print to their collections.
      Our Director Doug Custance found Mr. Bjorkman’s work on display at the Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts and was especially drawn to the watercolor of a fun little character with arms out-stretched exhilarating in freshly falling snow and sharing the stoop with a happy little snowman while a stream of huddling passers-by fuss their way across the canvas. That was the art Mr. Bjorkman let us use for the December, 2005 program “Home for the Holidays.”
      For the May, 2006 program “From La Scala to Broadway” Mr. Bjorkman centered his fun little character, this time garbed in a tuxedo, waving at the opera audience while peeking through the mammoth layers of wonderfully red stage curtains.
      There is a stack of each of these programs stored away for use as our advertising program begins but there should be enough for new members to have copies of each of these covers to keep for themselves. The ones to be used for samples will be in the ADVERTISING BOX. The others are free for the taking!

This is not an old Chinese proverb 
              but it should be!
  Seed introduced to ground give 
                more pleasure when grown!
    Music introduced to mind give 
                  more pleasure when known! 

Reminders for October 
Tues, 2  Today is Chorale Rehearsal   
                        2 – 4 p.m. CH3
Wed   3 
Happy Birthday to Marilyn Freeman!     
Tues, 9
Today is Chorale Rehearsal   
                        2 – 4 p.m. CH3
    Happy Anniversary to Carol and Don Andrews

Sun, 14 Happy Birthday to Maribeth Clausen!     
Tues, 16 Today is Chorale Rehearsal   
                         2 – 4 p.m. CH3
Thur 18  Happy Birthday to Judi Gutierrez!                                     Happy Birthday to Irene Sellers!     
Sat, 20  Happy Birthday to Kay Jones!      
Tues, 23
Chorale Board Meets 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.
           Today is Chorale Rehearsal   
                         2–4p.m. CH3
       BIG DAY TODAY! TICKET SALES BEGIN!                           Support the Chorale! EAT @ COSMOSDAY!  
Tues, 30 Today is Chorale Rehearsal   
                          2 – 4 p.m. CH3
Soprano Marilyn Freeman
joined the chorale Jan ’07 with extensive choir/solo experience plus Theory, Apprec. Voice classes. She likes to read, exercise, cook & talk gardening.     Soprano Judi Gutierrez’s employer’s allows her to leave her preschool teaching job Tuesdays to attend Chorale. She is married and has 4 children and 3½ grandchildren. She hopes to research genealogy some day.  
Soprano Carol Andrews & husband Don are proud of their family: Bruce (Chcgo) & Doug, Deb, 6 yr old Ashley, and 4 yr Connor! Carol & Don moved from the WI Northwoods to be near those babies! 
Soprano soloist Maribeth Clausen
is a former Chorale President. In “Me” time she talks & visits children, reads, visits friends, listens to and practices music, & attends concerts.    
      Soprano Irene Sellers started dancing and skating as a small child and is experienced in community musicals.   She hopes to be still dancing and singing while growing old.

Alto Kay Jones has many interests - in people, places, and things. Born in Chicago, she lived in favorite places: Frankfurt, Ger., Paris, Tokyo, London, Colorado, & Laguna Woods    
         Except for maybe two people, this Chorale is a really upbeat group! Just look at the list of favorite words – and whose they are: 

Yes              Director Doug Custance 
Hello           Sop Jeanette Rice
Love            Tenor Wilma Anderson,
                   Sop Natalie Dean,
                   Alto Betty Denton,
                  Sop Janet Dwyer,
              Alto Julie Pettengill, and
  Sop Barbara Scheifele
Sop Shirley Behar and
                  Sop Mary Rose Hoang

Joy              Sop Rosie Hackney           
Thank you
Sop Maribeth Clausen and
                       Alto Kay Jones

Sop Corinne Allen
Freedom      Baritone Larry Irion 
Great          Sop Karen Cardinale 
Bass Bob Pettengill 
Alto Margie Sutton 
Tenor Phyllis Trilling 
Tenor Peggie Zuber 

        Probably half the choir wishes they would have thought to choose the word Shelly Ellman used as a favorite word on her Bio - Sale ! And Julie Matonic fits no stereotype at all with her favorite word  Vermillion!         But then there are the two people who admit to having favorite words that don’t quite fit the “kid-friendly” list. Marlyn Chan averaged out good and bad with . . . Great and  Sh…! But Jerry Fiscus? He wouldn’t even tell his favorite word!
        This year we are going to approach area retirement facilities to suggest they add the Chorale Concert to their December activity calendars -- in the hope we can sell clusters (groups) of tickets to their residents! Our list includes: Freedom Village; Heritage Pointe–MV; Ingrid’s Home & Garden-MV; Park Terrace; Regents Point-Irvine; Renaissance at the Regency; Renaissance–Wellington; San Clemente Villas by the Sea; and Villa Valencia. Talk to Jerry Fiscus about other facilities which you think might be interested in attending our concerts.
Election Day Rehearsal at Luth Church on El Toro
  TUESDAY, NOV. 6 / 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. / Section Rehearsal 1 to 2 p.m.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!


Monica Gomez from Mechanical Mann will be here
toward the end of today’s rehearsal to PAY US!  Chorale Members who chose to use Mechanical Mann were able to benefit the Chorale by having a percent of the dollars they spent accumulate for a rebate. In appreciation for our choosing Mechanical Mann’s service team Monica will be here to show thanks and to tell us how to keep the money coming!   Thanks Mechanical Mann! We Love Rebates!
And we have just the place to help the Chorale by eating out! The place is “Cosmos” this time! The date is Tuesday, October 9th. And yes, you’ll have the “Cosmos Rebate” page in plenty of time to turn it in when you pay for your meal! Yea!    
.      HOORAY! OUR COSTUME LADY IS HOME!  She’s been traveling way too long in her white truck with a flag on the door! But she’s home now and will have us all costumed in no time! She has appointments this week but if you are new you can plan to meet her next week and get all the details figured out. . . who, what, where, and when.  
4. Unavoidable ABSENCE If you must be absent please call Corol @ 949/462-0165 and leave the message. As you know state payments come to the Emeritus Institute because of class attendance! Help us be accurate! 
5.  The Village Chorale ANNUAL POTLUCK is a one-time opportunity (this year) to greet, meet, eat, and enjoy! The date is Wednesday, November 7th right here in Clubhouse 3! Be looking through your cookbooks for that favorite recipe – whether an entrée, a hot veggie, a salad, or a dessert! Shirley Mitchell is the Team Assistant in charge of food and Karen Cardinale and Marlyn Chan are making sure all is ready for an interesting evening of Karaoke. Marlyn has worked many hours to ensure we have enough songs to meet everybody’s taste! Talk to Shirley about helping with food arrangements and clean up! She needs a committee!
           Selling advertising is a fun and rewarding  way to make an extra contribution  to the Chorale! There are just four steps. First, decide to try. Second, choose your clients. Third, hit the road.  Fourth,  bring  in  the  goods!  . . . . .   The ADVERTISING box will be on the Sign-In Table the next few weeks. To make the decision to sell pick up a “Get Advertising Packet” . In the packet you will find: 
(1) The “Get Advertising” page of instructions and tips. 
(2)  A Pro-forma “Together for the Holidays” Concert Program. Hang on to this - it locates all the available advertising spaces from which your clients can select their space. . . . .To choose your clients, pick up as many ”Supporter’s Packets” as you like. Be wise about gas use. If you have one particular business you are going after take other Supporter’s Packets for businesses located nearby. You will find: (1) Name, address, and contact person (if known) of previous a Supporter/Advertiser. (2) A Concert Program is clipped to locate their previous ad. This size will probably be the size they will purchase but it doesn’t hurt to try to sell UP. . . . . . Do not be afraid to hit the pavement! Give yourself the gift of making new friends and bringing back checks for the Chorale treasury. It’s fun! . . . . . Bring in the Goods Help your client fill in their “Advertiser” forms and receive or make arrangements for payment. Marie Spradley will have the Master ProForma with sold advertising clearly marked and paid advertising clearly marked. Marie will forward checks to our Treasurer Maribeth Clausen.   
7. AUDITIONS to Solo  The date for Auditions to Solo in the “Together for the Holidays” concert will be on Tuesday, November 13th from 1:00 to 2:00. (Starting time announced in the Chorale Handbook “Schedule – Fall Semester 2007” has been changed from 1:30 to 1:00 p.m.). Carol Smith, Performance Team Assistant for Auditions will have directions available at the first part of November. Plan wisely and work hard in preparation to compete. Saddleback College Applied voice students will join our Director Doug Custance as Judges to choose this year’s soloists.       
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 7 / CH3 / DR1 / 5:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Ken Min! Developer of Chorale Website
     The Village Chorale is one of the few fortunate clubs in Laguna Woods -- fortunate because we have a computer techie - Ken Min - in our club. In December, ’06 he heard the Chorale for the first time and now, nine months later, Ken has completed the process of developing the Chorale website and is anxious for the next step - to upgrade to audio.       Ken came to the U.S. in 1970 from Korea, earned a graduate degree in chemical engineering at SUNY, worked for Avery Dennison as a research scientist, lived in Cleveland, OH for 30 years and moved to Laguna Woods Village last year. The Computer has been Ken’s toy for many years. We are exceedingly grateful for Ken’s taking on the website  responsibility.       As well Ken’s wife Karen is involved – as our Library Team Chair – a big job and we are fortunate to have her!
      Ken and Karen have been married 38 years. Their daughter Janet, married 2 years ago, is a practicing attorney in corporate law living in Santa Monica. Currently both Karen and Ken are church members, singing in their church choir. Both enjoy California’s beautiful weather and the culture of the village! Both appreciate being able to learn “the village spirit” and are glad give their best to the life of the village.
Do You Remember ? 
What event do these clues explain?     
 April 3, 1971A gift to the Golden rain Foundation The Monroe Company of Colfax, Iowa. Four separate levels $1,800 - Proceeds of several concerts26 pieces Staging 100 or more singers on the Clubhouse 3 stage was facilitated on April 3, 1971 when brand new risers were used for the first time. At a cost of $1,800 the semi-circle of 26 pieces on four separate levels was purchased from the Monroe Company of Colfax, Iowa. The risers, purchased from proceeds from several concerts were given by the Laguna Woods Village Chorale to the Golden Rain Foundation as a permanent fixture for the new Clubhouse 3 theater. Club president Milton Hunt was instrumental in the acquisition by the 117 member chorale. Concert tickets sold for $1 in 1971..  
 Another piece of stage equipment, the sound shell, was purchased in time for the December 2, 1971 Laguna Woods Village Chorale concert. Designed to enhance listening pleasure, it’s purpose is to reflect the sound from stage production so that the audience may hear and enjoy in greater detail. The Chorale instigated the purchase and assumed the major role in financing the new equipment but financial aid was also given for the sound shell by the Melody Men, the Laguna Woods Entertainers, the Ebell Club and the Women’s Club.
 On Wednesday, September 26th our President joined 135 of the 238 Laguna Woods Club Presidents who attended the Laguna Woods Presidents’ Council. We submitted two important issues for consideration . . . how to get better sound in the auditorium and when to expect having the capability of up-loading audio and video clips into our website.  The topics will be ad-dressed sometime before the January, 2008 Pres-idents’ Council meeting. . . .Dining Room 3 was filled (maybe because of refreshments and entertainment). There were brief reports by GRF President George Portlock, Laguna Woods Foundation, South County Outreach, the City, and the New Logo Committee. Officers of new clubs were introduced. . . It was a surprise to learn that Presidents could not only give “Club Talk” at the Mic (138 enthusiasts at the Mic in 10 min.?) but promote via flyers and/or door prizes! Resolved: In January we too will have flyers on the registration table! And we’ll give a more professional looking door prize than the “2 free tickets to the Dec 15 Chorale Concert” quickly scribbled on a piece of paper! And, then, surprisingly, the last 45 seconds at the “Club Talk” Mic opened up and the news of the Village Chorale Dec. 15th Concert was announced! 2  
Who was instrumental in accomplishing all of this?       Chorale Officers:President: Milton Hunt
V. President: Dorothea Eichenlaub,
Secretary: Helen Long
Treasurer: Earl Hall
Board Members: Ruth Payne, Chorale Director Mary Hall, Accompanist Warnie Carlson, Harold Gleason, Olive Leonard, Grace Piorier, Harold Winn
  Librarian: Delight WoodsRecorder: Olive Honeycutt 
Credits for sponsorship were given to: Security Pacific National Bank, LH; Mission Bank; Education and Recreation Dept.; The Productions Guild, the Laguna Woods News; Laguna Hills Kiwanis Club; Green Thumb International; and Bank of America.
Old Chinese Proverbs:Man with one chopstick go hungry.
Man who eat many prunes get good run for money.
           Some historical names have been adjusted to
           comply with current administration guidelines.