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Reminders from the Library:

Please mark your music with pencil only, no highlighters, pens or other permanent markers.
Someone who sings a voice part other than yours may use your music in the future.

If you find that you must drop this class or if you have to take a leave of absense, please return all your music to Library Team Chair Elizabeth Chen or one of her assistants.

Music must be turned in at the close of the concert. When you leave the stage at the close of the concert, be sure your music is left on your chair. Library Team members will gather the music.

It is very time consuming and financially expensive for music to disappear. Please be considerate of those who have taken the responsibility for keeping our music files in order.

Music Library Team
Mary Jane van Langeveld, Team Chair
Julie Matonic
Evelyn Ellis
Jeanette Rice
Pauline Wang

Thank you




Last updated on July 6, 2013