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Welcome & Introduction

You are joining the premier vocal organization of Laguna Woods! Premier because we are the oldest of vocal organizations - now beginning our 43rd year. Premier because we are the largest vocal organization - we ended our year last year with 95 members (15 less than in 1971). Premier because we are the best vocal organization - who would dare to challenge?

We've come a long way!
In those 42 years more than 1100 people have sung in the Village Chorale under the batons of at least 14 directors and eight accompanists who mentored us through at least 1100 pieces of music. From the records available to us we can count 19 different people who served as President, 15 as Vice-President, 20 as Secretary, and 13 as Treasurer.

We've learned a lot!
Though being aware of the ever widening list of music styles, we have managed to go for the gold - dabbling in some of the best of newer sounds we continue to go back to re-fill our senses with favorites from centries of master pens.

And we're still going strong!
This year we are working and playing harder than ever - with three concerts completed during the first semester, a challenging concert coming up at the end of this second semester, and more than the usual number of interesting events on the schedule. Almost half of the Chorale has taken positions of leadership for the upcoming year. And with a few changes in structure and with a plan for procedural training in place we are assured of continuity and future success!

Let's do it!
Enjoy the Village Chorale of Laguna Woods of 2012-2013!



Last updated on July 6, 2013