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The name of this organization shall be The Village Chorale of Laguna Woods.

The purpose of this organization shall be to prepare for and appear in vocal concerts under the Director of Music. Said Director shall be provided by Saddleback College, Emeritus Program.

A. Membership shall be open to persons residing in Laguna Woods Village. Each member must register for the Chorale through Saddleback College, Emeritus Program. As a Saddleback College Emeritus Class, all Chorale rehearsals shall be held during regular Fall and Spring semester of the College. Non-residents of Laguna Woods who have registered for the Chorale shall be eligible to attend the class and all class related activities.
B. Final acceptance in the Chorale shall be with the approval of the Director of Music.
C. Each semester (Spring and Fall) members shall pay dues as determined by the Board of Directors. Said dues shall be used toward operating expenses.
D. Members shall agree to attend weekly rehearsals. Excessive absences may result in the member being ineligible to perform in the concert — at the discretion of the Director of Music.

The organization shall be governed by a Board of Directors, which shall consist of a President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The President shall appoint Directors to the Board, each of whom will assume a chairmanship. The 1st Vice President shall succeed the President at the end of his/her term of office. The retiring President shall serve ex-officio on the Board of Directors. The term of office shall correspond to the fiscal year of the Chorale. (See Article XI).

In accordance with the direction set forth by Laguna Woods Golden Rain Foundation, all officers, board members and members of the Club must be residents of Laguna Woods Village.

A quorum for the Board of Directors shall consist of seven (7 ) voting members.

The Board of Directors shall have complete authority for the financing of the organization. The Board shall fix dues as to amount, period covered and due dates. All major expenditures shall have the approval of the Board.

One signature shall be required on all checks up to $300.00 issued by this organization. Checks over $300.00 shall require two (2) signatures: President, Vice President or Treasurer.

If at any time the financial condition of the Chorale becomes such that, in the opinion of the majority of the Board of Directors, funds on hand are more than sufficient to provide adequate working capital, such funds shall be reduced by:
A. Donating funds for Music Scholarships to students of Saddleback College.
B. Lowering or eliminating dues for subsequent periods.

To maintain sound financial accountability for the dollars which flow through the Chorale bank accounts two Board members will be appointed by the Chorale Board of Directors in January and in June to “Review” and to “Track” checking account activity. 

To maintain sound financial accountability two Board members, appointed by the Board, are required to count and tabulate collections of funds. 

The Village Chorale of Laguna Woods is a non-profit organization.

The Annual Meeting shall be held approximately one (1) month before the Spring Concert. This meeting shall be called at the regularly scheduled rehearsal time at which time elections will be held (See Article VIII). The President or a majority of the Boards of Directors may call special Meetings.

Notice of any meeting may be given personally, or by telephone or by announcement at a regular rehearsal, but notice of any meeting of the membership must be given at least one (1) week prior thereto.

Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be on call of the President, preferably on the day of rehearsal.

Elections shall take place at the Annual Meeting (See Article VII).
A. The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee at least five (5) weeks prior to the Annual Meeting.
B. This committee shall select one nominee for each elected office.
C. The Nominating Committee shall make their report at the rehearsal on the week preceding the Annual Meeting.
D. Others may be nominated from the floor at the Annual Meeting.
E. Nominations will be closed and elections will be held. Elections shall be determined by a show of hands.

The Director of Music shall make selection of music after consulting with the Music Committee. The Board should approve the approximate expenditure of all new music and the hiring of additional musicians, both instrumental and vocal.

The President shall appoint such committees, standing and otherwise, as deemed necessary or as authorized by the Board of Directors. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.

The fiscal year of the Chorale shall begin one (1) week after the Spring Concert each year, and end one (1) week after the Spring Concert the following year.

In the event of dissolution of the organization, any funds held shall be distributed to an educational or charitable organization, after payment of all debts. The Board shall decide on the recipient.

These Bylaws may be amended at any regular or special Board meeting by majority vote of the Board members present, provided that a week’s notice of the proposed amendment has been given.

Revised and approved by Board 4/28/09. Submitted to Membership 5/12/09. Approved by Membership: 5/12/09 Submitted to Recreation Dept 5/18/09. Approved 5/19/09.

LWV Recreation Division Policy as approved by GRF is accessed by clicking here.
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