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Attendance Guidelines:

Members are expected to be present at all performances. Each singer is VITAL to the success of the concert. There are occasions when you may be excused. These include:
   1. Death in the family
   2. Personal illness
   3. An act of God(earthquake or other disaster)

During rehearsals you are expected to give your full attention to the director. Please do not talk during rehearsals. It is very distracting to both the director and your fellow singers.

Absences are to be reported in advance of rehearsals and performances. Orange absence request forms can be found on the check-in table. Completed forms should be left under the sign-in sheets. They will be forwarded to our Director.

You are allowed 3(three) excused absences per semester. After 3 absences you will be asked to "SIT-OUT" for the concert.
You may not miss the dress rehearsal before each concert.

Extra rehearsals may be needed from time to time. Every effort will be made to make times and places convenient for all members.




Last updated on July 6, 2013